Erin Pickus - Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master Practitioner

CYT – 500 & RMP

About Me

My name is Erin and I have been teaching yoga for almost 20 years to a wide variety of students from all different ages and abilities.  I specialize in private yoga instruction as I love to work individually with each student to help them feel better on all levels of their being.  I especially have enjoyed the time spent working privately with each student, which has allowed me to connect with them on a deeper level, so that I am better attuned to their personal needs in order to create a practice that is most suitable for them.  Yoga is a healing practice that offers tools that can transform and heal the deepest part of our being. My intention as a teacher guiding you through the practice, is to offer a safe environment where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire practice, so that you can benefit from all the positive health benefits yoga has to offer.  Currently I offer in-person or virtual yoga, as well as, “pop up” classes around the Charleston area and online workshops for those who are interested in deepening their practice.  Please see the tabs below to request a booking.

Why private yoga?

It’s a great way to gain initial experience in a safe environment for those new to practicing yoga, however all level yoga practitioners can benefit from an individualized practice. One may feel more comfortable and supported throughout the process in a private setting, while the instructor and student work together to set clear intentions for the practice and address any concerns or needs the student may have as they practice yoga. By doing yoga in a private setting, one can practice yoga anywhere and schedule a session around their busy schedule.
  • Safer Environment For Beginners
  • Feel More Comfortable And Less Self-Conscious
  • Focus On Personal Goals & Needs
  • Practice Yoga Anywhere
  • Work Around Your Schedule
  • Tailor The Class To Your Limitations, Injuries, or Health Concerns

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