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Hello, my name is Erin Pickus. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master Practitioner currently servicing those in the Charleston area. I offer safe, personalized yoga instruction to those who like to practice yoga in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Each class is unique and thoughtfully designed to specifically meet the needs of each individual client. Sessions are held online or in person.

I also offer corporate yoga, reiki and meditation. These classes are offered for the work from home employees or in person.

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Classes Offered

Private Yoga

Each session will begin with gentle breath exercises, followed by a physical practice that focuses on maintaining healthy alignment of the spine, increasing joint mobility and strengthening specific muscle groups. At the end of each session, the student is guided into deep relaxation for restoration.

Prior to getting started, an initial conversation will take place between the instructor and the client to gather information from the student, such as medical history, special interests, and personal goals. At this time, the student will also have an opportunity to express any concerns or questions they may have before beginning their practice.

Group Yoga

Group sessions are a great way to share the practice of yoga with loved ones. By adding friends and family, yoga becomes a fun experience for everyone! In addition, you can book a group yoga session to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday or a girl’s night out. All levels are welcome!

Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on improving the quality of a person’s physical being, but also recognizes the need for healing at the more subtle level, known as the “energy” body. The breath gives us direct access to the energy body and plays an intricate role throughout the practice of therapeutic yoga and aids in he healing process. In combination with breath work, yoga postures are held for longer periods of time, which allow the body a chance to adapt to each pose and respond to each guided breath. Props will be used. The session will end with a guided meditation to quiet the mind and further relax the body.

Prenatal Yoga

There are many health benefits for mothers who practice yoga throughout their pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is an effective way to treat unwanted symptoms of pregnancy that are caused by stress, anxiety and hormonal changes. This gentle practice of yoga is intended to nurture and comfort to the expectant mother as she practices. Each pose is carefully selected and modified to support the mother and her growing baby. Breath work, visual relaxation and the use of props such as yoga blocks, bolsters and blankets will be used also to support and deepen the practice. Any person new to yoga should consult their physician before beginning a yoga practice.

Kids Yoga

Kids are more connected to the virtual world these days and are losing their valuable connection to the natural world. Kids yoga is a healing art that teaches kids about the natural world and their own nature. The practice of of kids yoga provides the tools children can use to better cope and manage their feelings throughout their life. As they practice, they learn to positively express their feelings, build self-esteem and feel empowered as a result. In each session, your child will learn effective yoga poses, breath exercises and various relaxation techniques. Single and group lessons available. Birthday parties are a wonderful way to introduce children to yoga!


The ancient healing art of reiki promotes calm, reduces stress and heals. Reiki is universal. It’s pure, light energy is shared by a reiki practitioner to the client through the process known as, “laying of the hands.” Reiki may be received in two ways. By direct contact to the area that needs healing, or by holding hands over that part of the body. This transfer of energy from the practitioner to the receiver releases energy blockages that can disrupt the flow of energy in the body. By reorganizing the energy, reiki improves the health of the tissues and surrounding organs. As a result, the reorganized energy flow will promote healing, and ultimately one will feel more open, relaxed, and experience deep feelings of peace and well being.

Breath. Presence. Gratitude.

Angel Tree Yoga – Personalized Yoga Instruction

Personalized Yoga Instruction

Offers personalized yoga instruction to individuals who prefer a private setting to practice yoga. Each class is unique and thoughtfully designed to meet the individual needs of each client. All levels are welcomed and no prior experience is necessary to begin practicing.
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